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More stuff.
posted by Mark on July 31st, 2011
Downloads are working, but all I did was redirect all downloads to Akura's site. Hopefully he doesn't mind. D: I'll download all the files and upload it to the current server when I get time.

I also opened resource and article submissions back up, and deleted all of the unapproved articles and files from the database ( which were pretty much all spam ).

Oh, and I fixed some typos in the last news update. Ahaha....

New Server
posted by Mark on July 23rd, 2011
"If you're reading this, the domain has propagated and we're on the new server."

Well, at the time of this news post, the domain has already propagated so... uh... anyways, looks like I'm going to be hosting MS from now on.
Downloads aren't quite working, but hopefully they should be up sometime this week.

New Server
posted by Xorlak on October 25th, 2008
If you're reading this, the domain has propagated and we're on the new server.

MS is currently on archival status, meaning we've closed down game and resource submissions. If things pick up again, we may open submissions back up. Thanks for the support for all these years!

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